Wednesday, 17 September 2014

And I

And I
Just want to see you again
And I
Just want to love you, my friend
And I
Never want to leave you again
I never want to break our
Relation down to "Hi's" and "Hello's"
And I
Want to see you forever and again
My forever love affair with my only best friend
And I
Don't want this to end
But I
Remember I'm just another friend

Broken or knot
Lost in this trot
I don't know
How to find
Myself without
Your eyes

So I
Long for the touch of your eyes
And I
Wait for the chill of your smile
And I
And I
And I...
Just long to be with you
In conversation

(c) Shaziane

Monday, 15 September 2014

Between Today And Tomorrow with Poemagery

Between tomorrow
And today
I wish to
Find you
Between sorrow
And ecstacy
I wish to
See your face
I wish that
You wish
Finds your arms
With love
Lost and
And growing
I wish that 
Your dreams
Yearn for
That they
Live without
Your other half
I wish that
You find me
Between today
And tomorrow

(c) Shaziane

Poemagery - TO: Your Memory

May this be our signal of a new journey

one in which we share our words, experiences, cares.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

TO: Your Memory

I want to remember
I want to remember loving you well
I want to remember all the swell times we had
And memories though they begin to fade

I want to remember you well

It may be impossible with alzeheimer's and senility
But I want to remember our love as best I can

The first day that we met was not in anyway perfect
Messy hair, messy clothes, a broken car on a summer day
In the middle of somewhere deserted. No food. No drink. No gas

It was you and me on a dirt road of disaster
Colliding cars. Boiling tempers.

But somehow, somewhere between our first goodbye
Our second hello, we changed for better

I want to remember the first smile we shared
Over a warm handshake in a gas station
Our first deliberate meeting and your gentle laughter
At my clumsy handling of social rituals

I want to remember it all
I want to remember all of you
The major, the minor, the average
The exciting, the depressing, the calm

So I write to your memory daily
Hoping that you'll remember us too
One day

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Musician

Fist raised in the air
Beating the drum of her cheek
Back and forth they go to the beat
Over and over she joins her voice as he goes silently
Patient determination in his eyes as the music plays
Moving his hands to her shoulders to and from he shakes
A timbrel she becomes as his voice raises high into the air
Open handed beating of the drums again. How will the song end?
Her back becomes the violin of his dream as to and fro the whip goes
Honest cries the music of their life, her hand and knees balances their main instrument
Like the devoted man he is, all his effort goes into this
Music rings loud, her voice is in the air, she hears loud and clear
Finally they reach the crescendo, at last silence is here
The beauty of the music is too intoxicating for the end to be so near
So once again, with little rest for the beautiful instruments
The musician,  begins playing his precious song
And there is nothing to be done but listen closely
The official conductors can do nothing but wait
For the music to end, when the instruments are dead

And when the instruments are dead
Who is to blame but the silent ones
Why didn't she walk away, Why didn't she say
Asks the attentive audience
Who listened to the melody, read the composition of her body
For years and years and years
But now she's dead
Why didn't she say,  Why didn't she walk away

(C) Shaziane

Just Speak

Just speak

I'm always

Break your silence
Give me peace
Allow your thoughts
To see me too

Just speak your mind
Raise your voice
Let the call be heard
Walk the balance
Bring the torch
Let the way be seen
If you never tell
Your story
I'll never know
Your heart
So lift your voice
Push the wall
Let me help you to
Break free

Let the others see
That freedom can be

Just speak your life
Speak your fight
Let us share in your battle

We need survivors
We need hope
But if your silence continues
How will we get either
Show how and where you are
How and why you came
Inspire the wounded
Frighten the hate
Motivate the hope
And shatter the pain

Just speak

Speak the tears
Your mind whispers

That's all I'll ask

Of you

So just speak

Say the words
That will seal
Your freedom
Give power to the victory

Just speak...

Just speak

(C) Shaziane


Gently love me
Gently fall into my arms
Gently tap your love
In the palm of my hand
Gently remind me, of the reasons
We love
Love me
Softer. Softer than the silent rain
Love sweetly
Sweeter than the music
It makes inside me
Love me
From the drizzle on the rooftop
I want love
No one can feel
I want devotion that is seen
By the eyes
Of those who
Know it
In the mind
Of those who
Keep it
Me, you, us
I want to be
I want to be loved
Without distraction
Taken as a jewel
Treasured as a rarity
Held as a precious bird
Gently, softly, sweetly
Not for the world to view
Just us
Love me
The way you enjoy
Being loved
Love me
With your own
Precious love
As a reminder
Love me
As a friend
Love me honestly
Love me

(C) Shaziane 2013